Majors search engines
The most popular
Meta search engines
Most of the time ignored, meta search engines do a beautiful work by carrying out search using in parallel many search engines and web indexes. Usually the results, before being presented to you, are processed to eliminated duplicates.
Search engines per country
Categorized web sites indexes with reviews and ranking
Servers per country
At the beginning of the Internet this server maps were the only search tool to internet resources per country. 



Need information on how they work and how to use them ? Check one of the following informative sites.

Search Engine Watch
Explanations on how search engines  perform their work and overviews of the most popular of them. The Power Search of Anyone is a good starting. Many links to search engines tutorials and  reviews
The spider's apprentice
Or how to get the most of your search engine
Nothing but' Net
If you want to know what the most appropriate engine for your search. A page from J. Otto Lottes at the Health Sciences Library of the University of Missouri-Columbia